VENOSAN® Supportline Mens Compression Socks 18-22mmHg

  • Effective against slight varicosity and chronic oedema
  • Relieves leg pain and swollen ankles
  • Durable, comfortable and fashionable

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Key Benefits

Relieve pain and swelling with these moderate compression socks for men. Give your legs a healthy boost and put pain and swelling behind you with these smart compression socks for men. With moderate graduated compression of 18-22mmHg from ankles to calves, these stylish socks help prevent tired legs, slight varicosity and chronic oedema.

Perfect if you have to stand or sit for long periods, the socks are knitted using top quality yarn, making them durable as well as fashionable and comfortable.

Note: Flexi North recommends that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. If so, you will then need to be measured in order to obtain the correct size which will ensure that the hosiery works correctly and feels comfortable.





Toe Version

Closed Toe

Size Guide

Use either of the size charts below to find the right size, however for more accuracy we recommend using the circumference size chart.

Sizing by Shoe Size

VENOSAN® Supportline Mens - Sizing by Shoe Size
Shoe Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
UK: Men 4.5 - 6.5 7 - 9 10 - 12 13 - 15
EU 37 - 39 40 - 43 44 - 47 48 - 51
US: Men up to 7 7.5 - 10 10.5 - 12 12 .5 - 14

Sizing by Circumference

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Where to measure?

Circumference measurements in cm for:
  • cC - Calf - widest point at the calf
  • cB - Ankle - the narrowest point above the ankle bone
VENOSAN® Supportline Mens - Sizing by Circumferences
Measurement Small Medium Large Extra Large
cC 28 - 38cm 33 - 43.5cm 35.5 - 46cm 38.5 - 51.5cm
cB 19 - 21.5cm 21.5 - 24cm 23 - 26.5cm 26.5 - 32cm